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I've spent many years watching the television side of fishing develop. With 16 years of TV experience behind me I thought there was something missing. A lot of programs try to squeeze some knowledge into the show so you go away with something after you watch. Some make it, most don't.


That's where the 60-Second Angler comes in. I've compiled quite of list of useful information ranging from boats to bait.  We'll explore the differences in batteries, how to "work" a sport show, how to choose the right rod, reel or line for your style of fishing and much more. It's all neatly packaged in a 60-second program that's been growing in popularity over the last several years.



Beginning with Charter Cable, expanding to The Sportsman Channel and growing the list of network affiliates the 60-Second Angler is now in front of more than six million people! Add this Website and it's an international adventure! I invite you to watch and keep in contact with suggestions for future shows.

Latest 60 Second Angler Videos

We actually have a ton of videos... but we are currently working to move all of them over to YouTube.com so they load faster and play reliably without having to downlaod a whole boat load of plug-in's and browser gizmos. Check back here in this space in the next few days and we will have them all up and ready to go again!


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